Saturday, February 21, 2015

What I'm Loving Today...

Today is Saturday. It's the second weekend in a row where I feel trapped in my own place because of weather. If it's going to snow I would much rather have it on a week day so I can have a snow day off of work.

That being said there are so many wonderful things happening today. Here is what I am loving today:


I love these things! I usually get one or two a season because they are NOT good for you. They hold a special place in my heart because when we lived in North Carolina they were really hard to find (although I think that has changed). The hubs went out right as it started snowing to grab a quick McDonalds lunch and (ta da!) a Shamrock Shake!


I actually don't like snow...let me rephrase that...I don't like driving in snow. If I don't have anywhere to go then bring it on. We haven't had a ton of snow in Lancaster County this year but enough to make it annoying. Today is the most snow we've had and we have no where we need to be...that's when I love it!


I love my Scentsy warmers and the fall and winter scents are my favorite. Today I am warming the scent 'Everything Nice' and it smells so good and cozy, just as a snowy day should. Although hubs just brewed beer so that is 'altering' the what's going on in the smell department here.  *Disclaimer, I do sell Scentsy products.


So the hubs brewed beer today. Which is awesome! I think he brewed a Nut Brown Ale. Beer and snowy days kind of go hand in hand for us. One of the best things when he brews beer is the spent grain bars he makes when he is done and a fresh batch just came out of the oven!! They are pretty healthy, loaded with fiber and the dog drools over them too! Here is the recipe I posted on another blog site I've dabbled with.


With the temps hovering around zero the past few weeks, our apartment was totally drying out. Hubs constantly shocked himself when touching light switches and then touching me or the dog. I always told him it was because he was wearing flannel and covered in a fleece blanket. But a few days ago I started getting shocked by everything as well. Even the dog cowered when we went to pet her because she could feel the static electricity coming her way. So the other night we bit the bullet and went out to get a humidifier. I did some quick research before we went and narrowed it down to three possible candidates. When we got there they only had two left and needless to say we purchased the one in the busted up box along with a humidifier gauge. Worked like a charm!! 


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